Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Texas Republicans Support Mandatory Labeling GMO's

When the Texas Republican party released their 2012 Platform they made it clear that they join millions of Americans across the country who want to know what is in their food by stating that they are in full support of the mandatory labeling of GMO's.  

The 22-page report outlining the party’s platform contains a section titled Empowering Families to Direct their Health Care that promotes freedom of choice in food and medicine, including the freedom not to vaccinate. The Texas Republican Party also opposes all efforts to restrict access to vitamins, herbs, and other supplements, and also takes a stance in support of natural, unprocessed foods, including legalized access for all to raw milk.

The issue of GMO's in our food is quickly becoming a nationwide concern and conversation.  This coming election everyone will be looking to California to lead the way and it is pretty safe to say that the supporters of this initiative are from a broad base of citizens when you look at the list of endorsements.  

There was a blurp about how Whole Foods refuses to endorse this campaign - too bad for Whole Foods because everyone who believes they have a right to know what is in their food is going to remember that Whole Foods doesn't share that idea and will most likely choose to shop elsewhere!  There was a protest at one Whole Foods market on Saturday August 18th that is probably just the beginning of a wave that will inevitably crash on Whole Foods shores as this campaign continues to grow in support. 

Now is the time for everyone who does share the belief that we have a right to know to step up their efforts to inform and educate their friends, family, co-workers, and community at large about Proposition 37! 

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